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We are neaf

A decentralized web development studio that provides digital solutions adapted to the business goals of startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs. We love innovative products and passionate people.


Neaf is an old french word describing the state of novelty, purity and authenticity.

At neaf, we try to be close to this state. That's why we believe that every projects we investing ourselves on should be innovative, aesthetic and done with passionate people.

This is our way to give you the best of us.

From MTLto WWW

Our studio is founded in Montreal. However, we are a decentralized studio and offer our services worldwide. As long has Internet is here, we are here.

At neaf, we strongly believe that remote working offer more freedom, more productivity, make people happier, companies more productive, and our environment more healthy.

The best digital products will be built by those who are inspired by their work in the company of equally passionate colleagues. That’s part of the reason why we prefer to work remotely.

We want to focus on people and on products in which we believe — irrespective of their location.


By working with world-leading production teams, we’ve unite our experience in development to help our partners avoid common mistakes, save time and achieve goals.

Our values


Be Humble

We are passionate about what we do. We believe this passion deserves to be shared. Our experts are always happy to share their knowledge to help people learn new technologies, tools or concepts.


not bytes

We're focused on diving into your problems and goals to find the most optimal way of execution. Our philosophy is based on "Why?" question which prevents our clients from getting a monkey job and unnecessary spendings.


Keep it simple,

In order to keep design and maintenance costs and delivery times as low as possible, we try to avoid unnecessary complexities. No over-engineering nor feature-creeping.


Believe in
your work

We are passionate people. In order to keep this passion and offer you the best of us, we prefer to work only with people and on products in which we believe. Your success is our pride.


Work hard.
Live well.

Work occupies a very important place in our lives. In order to stay motivated and efficient, we must respect our personal time with family members and loved ones. So we mostly work remotely to be more efficient, productive and happy.

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